How Are Industry Leaders Planning for Business Post-COVID?

How Are Industry Leaders Planning for Business Post-COVID?

Changing a routine is no easy feat, but when “business as usual” is disrupted then what choice do you have? Whether it’s your personal day-to-day lifestyle or your company’s short- to long-range planning, we are all going through a major adaptation to our routines. As hard as these changes have been, the question remains: how much harder will it be to change back? Or will we change back at all?

Watch our on-demand webinar, “How Industry Leaders are Planning for the Future, Today,” featuring a panel discussion with three industry-leading manufacturers and retailers. Hear the latest analysis on fast-changing customer routines and the impact facing today’s companies from a panel of business leaders:

  • Steve Black, President / COO, Rouses Markets
  • Jill Short-Clark, Chief Customer Officer, The Simply Good Food Company
  • Greg Pukas, SVP Sales Strategy and Revenue Management, Sanofi Healthcare
  • Paul Morgan, VP Sales Enablement & Strategy, Nielsen Connect

You will not want to miss these timely insights that could change the way you think about the future of your business. While many companies may be thinking in terms of weeks, our panel will share how forward-thinking businesses can promote and rethink their product assortments to best position themselves for success in the months and years ahead.