Webinar: Hit The Right Notes For Your Customers

Webinar: Hit The Right Notes For Your Customers

The power of “Wow!” moments cannot be underestimated; just like a good song, customers will keep wanting to play it on repeat.

There are five key ingredients to a good song, and creating wow moments.

  1. START BY HITTING THE RIGHT NOTES: Design for accountability, clearly tying metrics to consequent actions and positive change.
  2. CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE ISN’T A SOLO: Customer experience metrics should work hand in hand with other business measures to help companies achieve a balanced view of their overall business picture.
  3. YOU’RE THE VOICE: Pressure-test the new material with your engaged audience to understand if you are heading in the right direction or not! If not, then a rewrite is due!
  4. PLAY TO THE CROWD: Empower employees to seek excellence in customer experience and even speak for them, by driving a customer-centric culture.
  5. BACK FOR THE ENCORE: As you deliver on the goals and objectives, continuous improvement of that strategy will be inevitable as time goes on.


Ben Phillips, Global Head of Customer Experience, Nielsen, relates his previous career as a touring bass guitarist to a wide range of Customer Experience topics to help you enhance your strategy. Watch the recording now!