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Gaining a Greater Share of the Total Consumer Wallet

Nielsen at the Consumer Goods Forum 2015 Global Summit

Last week, the Consumer Goods Forum 2015 Global Summit brought more than 1,000 leaders in consumer goods manufacturing and retail together to discuss best practices across this ever-evolving industry.

On the first day of the summit, we hosted a special interest session along with Emnos, Accenture and Ecolab, called “The Shopping Convergence: Strategies to Gain a Greater Share of the Total Consumer Wallet.” Patrick Dodd, Global President of Nielsen’s retail vertical, presented to an audience of 400 clients and industry leaders. Mitch Barns, Rick Kash and Konrad Gerszke joined him at this global conference.

Patrick shared never-before-published insights about how the consumer wallet is being spread across channels. He identified where there are opportunities for retailers and manufacturers to gain a greater share—particularly by exploring the data from both global and local consumers to derive clearer insights about their current—and possibly future—consumers. He also talked about the explosive population growth around the world—particularly in developing regions: “Today there are 7.2 billion people, and every 24 hours there are 228,000 people being added to the planet,” he said, to drive home the need for both global and local insights.

Patrick closed the session with this thought: “Consumers drive the change that is enabled by technology. One of the ways to stay ahead of all this change is through measurement that helps you know your shoppers like never before.”