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Nielsen and Alibaba Launch Game-Changing Big Data Management Platform

This week in Shanghai, Nielsen and Alibaba Group held a joint event as Nielsen launched its cutting-edge innovation solution, New Offer Advisor. By leveraging Alibaba’s e-commerce big data processing ability and Nielsen’s world-class data analysis capability, this innovative product is aimed at helping clients drive innovation with a deep understanding of the crowded and highly-competitive Chinese e-commerce market.

Approximately 300 attendees from major manufacturers and e-commerce players and 30 journalists from China and around the world were given an in-depth introduction to the break-through capabilities powered by the Nielsen and Alibaba’s partnership.

Kiki Fan, managing director of Nielsen China, opened the event and introduced the team from e-commerce giant, Alibaba—the organization responsible for more than 80% of China’s online sales. Widely seen as a true innovation expert in the region, Nielsen was lauded for having tested over 180,000 new product concepts. Lynn Xu, vice president of Nielsen China’s innovation practice, then discussed how Alibaba’s data allows New Offer Advisor to continuously monitor the online environment to give a precise understanding of evolving consumer needs and drivers, which are key for product success.

Representatives from Alibaba then shared insights on how the company’s Big Data platform integrates a multitude of data types, including consumer segments, online sales and shopping behavior. Lastly, Alibaba spoke about its testing platform, which couples with brands to bring test products to consumers and innovation testing for brands. Data from Alibaba’s Big Data and testing platforms will enable Nielsen to provide clients with insights that previously impossible to know.

When asked about New Offer Advisor and its benefits for the industry, Yan Xuan, president of Nielsen Greater China stated, “It’s a revolutionary product that helps clients innovate and renovate their online business, which could be very different from offline. New Offer Advisor is truly unique, leveraging big data in market research and is the first of its kind in the industry. It helps our clients in three ways: finding white space for product innovation in the online market, tracking and optimizing their operation throughout the pre-launch and post-launch period and improving online return.”