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Take a Peek: A Look Inside Nielsen’s Newest Buy-Side Offerings

Nielsen’s Consumer 360® is a global event series that brings innovative thought leaders and industry experts who share exclusive insights and help clients develop business solutions that are fueled with punch and ingenuity. These industry trailblazers share their uncommon approaches to cutting-edge solutions and bring to life ideas that illuminate consumer behavior. This year’s event, hosted in Washington, D.C., served as the launch pad for new and exciting platforms that clients can leverage to help them navigate an ever-changing marketplace.

Need to Know, Now

The 2015 U.S. Breakthrough Innovation Report was officially released at Consumer 360® conference. The 2015 Breakthrough Innovation Report examines the state of new product innovation and roadmaps best practices of brands that broke through the clutter over the past two years. Lessons in this report, which are applicable for companies big or small are from this year’s winning brands.

Debunking conventional wisdom that new product success is random, or reserved for entrepreneurs and risk takers – this report shows that success in innovation can be regular, repeatable and scalable if the science of innovation is properly applied.

New to our suite of services is Nielsen Design Navigator, a creative enablement tool that helps marketers significantly improve the in-market effectiveness of package design. This platform enables brands and designers to explore a much broader range of early stage design concepts and objectively assesses them based on visual stand out, consumer preference and brand equity. These consumer-driven analytics provide unprecedented clarity for marketers, helping them identify design routes that will have the largest brand and financial impact.

The Four Perks of Good Package Design

And Coming Soon…

Coming in the fourth quarter, Nielsen Buy expands its marketing and sales effectiveness capabilities to middle market companies with two new services: Marketing ROI Snapshot and an expanded Revenue Management & Optimization (RMO) solution. Marketing ROI Snapshot is an alternative to a Marketing Mix analysis, delivered with high-level insights and more efficiently than a typical Marketing Mix study. This service is ideal for brands interested in understanding how their marketing mix performs, powered by the thousands of benchmark studies that Nielsen has conducted over the years.

Revenue Management and Optimization (RMO) aligns information-rich, analytic-driven decision making with the complete selling process to improve the effectiveness of a brand’s everyday pricing and trade promotions. When optimized, a coordinated strategy (from headquarter guidelines to retailer-specific joint business plans) will significantly increase spending efficiency, drive more incremental sales and maximize financial impact for a brand and its retail customers.

We’re also amplifying our Retail Measurement Services in the third-quarter by integrating brand equity metrics within a single platform. As a leader in analytics, we are the only company able to seamlessly integrate brand equity, which showcases consumer attitudes, with in-market metrics, reflecting total brand performance – in one easy-to-use interface. As demonstrated on stage at Consumer 360, marketers will be able to generate reports showing brand equity, market share and sales metrics for themselves and their competitors over time.

Get excited-these newest capabilities are certain to help our clients better understand the marketplace and grow their business.