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A Look Into the Total Consumer Shopper Journey During the Holidays and Beyond

The holidays are fast approaching and consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers, retailers, the media and analysts are laser focused on how consumers will shop this season. Most notably, they’re keen to understand how consumers are shopping both in-store and online, how they shop differently across categories, and what considerations go into play when they’re deciding which retail channel to choose for making their final purchases.

While understanding consumers’ path to purchase is certainly front and center right now for CPG companies and retailers, the holidays aren’t the only time of year when understanding the total consumer shopper journey should be top of mind. Whether it’s the holidays, the New Year, spring or summer, CPG companies and retailers can leverage Nielsen solutions to understand the total consumer shopping journey.

Introduced in November, the Nielsen Shopper Essentials Suite is a simple and efficient online platform that provides clients with a complete and interactive view of shoppers across retail channels and categories, helping them make real-time decisions to drive growth. The suite comprises three complementary solutions that chronicle the shopper journey across the entire shopper path to purchase:

  • Store Choice Drivers: Provides a complete analysis of why shoppers choose one store over another, how they engage with these stores physically and digitally, and a hierarchical view of basic core and emerging needs that influence where consumers choose to shop.
  • Category Shopping Fundamentals: Equips clients with information to understand what may drive category purchase decisions and how to help influence these decisions pre-store and in-store. It also highlights which specific items within the food and non-food categories are driving trip potential.
  • Digital Shopping Fundamentals: Allows clients to understand shoppers’ e-commerce path to purchase by providing a comprehensive look at the online shopper and e-tailer environment, complemented by perspectives on how to best reach and influence online shopping behavior with contextualized category insights in an omni-channel environment.

As retail competition increases and new attitudinal norms take hold in digital and omni-channel environments, it’s critical that CPG manufacturers and retailers alike understand what drives consumers to specific stores, how they shop for different categories and what they are looking for online, and respond rapidly.

With digital playing a significant role in how consumers are shopping this holiday season, Jordan Rost, vice president of North American consumer insights at Nielsen, recently offered insight into how the Digital Shopping Fundamentals solution within Nielsen Shopper Essentials Suite is particularly useful for CPG companies and retailers tracking online shopping this season and beyond.