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Taking a Closer Look at the Nielsen Consumer Confidence Index

There’s no better way to get a sense of how someone is doing than by simply asking them. In a way, that’s what Nielsen’s Consumer Confidence Index does every quarter: take the pulse of global consumers by asking how they’re doing. Yes, there’s more to the methodology than that, but not to the overall premise.

But why is this significant? In short, the index is fueled by the world’s largest consumer sentiment survey, representing nearly 2 billion people across more than 60 countries and 15 time zones. And because Nielsen fields the survey quarterly, it provides economists, consumer product companies, retailers and media news outlets with an ongoing measurement of consumer attitudes around spending, job prospects and the global economic climate.

In addition to providing a more in-depth view of the origins of the index and its global footprint, Louise Keely, EVP, Global Retail Practice Leader at Nielsen, recently highlighted how the index’s data set provides clients with unique and powerful insight into how consumers feel about their future spending and economic outlooks—sentiments that are directly linked to their local situations.