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Unleash the Power Of Your Network With the Nielsen Connected Partner Program

In today’s digital era, many companies are plagued by mountains of data, data silos and disparate data sources. Organizations of all sizes are thinking differently about how they use data, and many are putting it at the center of their business strategy.

Today, Nielsen launched the Nielsen Connected Partner Program, an industry first solution that helps consumer packaged goods (CPG) and retail clients get the most value from the companies that serve them. Tied to a deeper global technology investment in client enablement, the Nielsen Connected Partner Program will be a managed marketplace of partners within an open ecosystem, allowing clients to discover new partners while utilizing the most robust retail and shopper data in the world. The data shared with partners will be within Nielsen’s well-defined, data releasability rules. With Nielsen data as the common language, the Nielsen Connected Partner Program will bring consistency to the marketplace. The program will help clients shift from data management and data alignment to systematic, data-driven decision making.

“The proliferation of data, accelerated pace of business and rapid advancement of digital technologies has created an environment where success is dependent on connections,” said Chris Morley, President, U.S. Buy at Nielsen.

The Nielsen Connected Partner Program was designed to cultivate collaboration and curate a readily available ecosystem of companies that serve CPG and retail to help them move products from “concept to consumption.”

With this solution, clients will be able to innovate more because they can easily integrate the latest tools and technology into their workflow. As Nielsen’s new technology development is rolled out, partners will publish data and insights to the exchange. Clients who move to the new platform will be able to grow their capabilities in an additive way by enriching their data with every interaction.

“This gives us a unique ability within the marketplace to leverage data in an open, controlled way with partners who participate in our network,” Morley continued. “Together, this will give clients the tools they need to meet the extreme competition and demands of their industry, discover enterprise-level areas to strengthen performance and amplify their investment across partners in the network.”

This program is Nielsen’s vision of expanding long-term value for our CPG and retail clients to understand total consumer buying behavior in the increasingly connected landscape. The Nielsen Connected Partner Program builds on the Nielsen Buy business’ vision of investing in technology, building and maintaining collaborative partnerships and curating data exchanges.

Check out the Nielsen Connected Partner Program microsite to explore our growing list of partners.