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Nielsen PRIDE Participates in P&G LGBTQ Affinity Group Annual Conference

Four Nielsen associates, representing our PRIDE employee resource group (ERG), recently had the privilege of attending Procter & Gamble’s ninth annual Gay, Ally, Bisexual, Lesbian and Transgender Employee (GABLE) resource group conference in Cincinnati. The conference, which is open to any GABLE member in North America, was a celebration of the group’s efforts and was focused on how its members could continue to grow and increase acceptance of LGBTQ individuals in the workplace. Attendees from Nielsen had the opportunity to share best practices and learnings from our own PRIDE ERG with GABLE leaders, alongside LGBTQ resource groups from clients including GE, Kroger and Macy’s and LGBTQ rights advocacy groups.

Across two sessions led by Paul Wesselman, a corporate consultant and speaker, attendees took part in interactive seminars with other resource group members and leaders to share perspectives and learnings for increasing acceptance of the LGBTQ community. These interactions provided the Nielsen PRIDE members in attendance with a golden opportunity to execute on one of our key diversity and inclusion goals: connect the dots with our clients. We believe the successes of PRIDE over the past 10 years can help other companies advance their culture of LGBTQ acceptance, and we are also constantly looking for ways to improve. These sessions provided a valuable exchange of ideas.

“The GABLE conference is a great example of how global companies, through their resource groups like PRIDE and GABLE, collaborate to advance the inclusion of LGBTQ voices in our workplaces,” said Sherri Dublin, VP, Diversity Programs and Nielsen’s global ERG leader. “Both our organizations are being recognized for creating inclusive company cultures, so it makes sense for us to share ideas and best practices. Our global clients, like P&G, are on the same diversity and inclusion journey, and both of our global associate bases benefit when we work together to learn and grow.”