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Seeing Beyond Borders With Nielsen Global Snapshots

Consumers today are more connected than ever before, and both local and global brands are eager to catch their attention. As new companies, products and business segments emerge around the world, it is critical for fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies to identify and understand growth opportunities for their business. Within this dynamic environment, brands need quick access to the latest information on markets, categories or companies to gain a competitive advantage.

To meet this need for timely information, we’ve developed Nielsen Global Snapshots, which can provide an ad hoc picture of FMCG product categories from any of the over 100 countries which we track. With Nielsen Global Snapshots, clients will be able to better evaluate their international opportunities, understand performance in other markets, and gain ideas for their home markets.

The solution uses actual point-of-sale retail data to quantify the opportunities and help plan execution. Our teams around the world work hard to better understand shoppers and viewers wherever they are—from rural villages to bustling cities and everything in between. We highlight these stories through Nielsen Around the World, an interactive map and ongoing series of bite-sized videos and photos that illustrate what it takes to capture and analyze the data that underpins our best-in-class global measurement.