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Total Food View: Nielsen Integrates Fresh & Center of Store Retail Measurement

For most consumers, their shopping experience is seamless across the store; they aren’t thinking about the nuances of different aisles or departments, whether shopping for produce, picking up a freshly baked pie, or tossing their favorite box of cereal into the cart. However, most retailers and manufacturers examine product performance and build strategies with a focus on only one aisle or department of the store. Across the store, retailers and manufacturers have opportunities to realign their approach based on how consumers experience their grocery shopping occasions, as total food shoppers.

For example, sales from the fresh department make up an average of 37% of total food sales and are growing year-over-year, yet about 20% of the store today is stocked with non-UPC fresh perimeter items that are not traditionally captured. Without a total food view, retailers and manufacturers may only be seeing half of what is selling in key areas that are thriving given consumer eating preferences (i.e., snacking, prepared meals, etc.).

At Nielsen, we’re committed to total consumer measurement, the continued pursuit of what’s being purchased and by whom—across all departments, categories and retail channels. Building on this priority, we are pleased to announce today that we have integrated fresh non-UPC data into our Answers on Demand (AOD)® measurement platform. Access will be available to retailer and manufacturer clients in a phased approach over the coming months.

With the integration of fresh non-UPC data into AOD, we now offer one source of data for both UPC and non-UPC items across the entire store. This total food view will enable our clients to see the store the same way consumers do, make category connections across the store, and arm them with accurate insights needed to capitalize on untapped opportunities.

As the grocery retail landscape continues to evolve, now is the time for retailers and manufacturers to get the full picture view of how consumers shop across the total store to help optimize business and drive unimagined outcomes.