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Blowing With the Wind of Change: The End of Analysis Paralysis

The world is going through unprecedented change, and it’s affecting just about everyone at all corners of the globe. Change is all around us: From our climate to the political atmosphere, shopping behavior to technology, change is happening all around. To stay competitive, your insights team, like 60% of insights buyers surveyed in the first-half 2017 Greenbook Research Industry Trends report, are trying to work with new methods, technology, business models, or partners.

However, working with more partners has likely tied up your team with the dreaded analysis paralysis. What service is even right for your need? You better set up at least three meetings and a week’s worth of emails to find the answer. And then you can start the “who” conversation: Who should you work with? The company procurement has already approved or the new business that’s on the cutting edge of personalized ad delivery? Is it worth the argument to switch? Is this new vendor safe to use? Will the insights you get even be useful?

The good news is that you don’t need to spend another minute thinking about these questions. The Connected Partner Program is here to help you navigate the options, and this week, the program hit 50 partners: making it the industry’s largest curated community of partners for retailers and manufacturers in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) space.

So how do you pick a partner? The newly created Connected Partner Network makes finding a partner simple: The inter-site search lets you find partners in the words you “think in,” while advanced filters help you discover partners when you’re not sure where to start. Not as familiar with the program? Watch this quick video.