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Find Your Next Vendor the Same Way You Shop for Shoes

With consumers shopping on new devices and in new channels, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) manufacturers and retailers have increasingly worked with more companies in order to measure their business performance, devise engagement strategies, execute business-driving plans and then measure again. And while working with more people is necessary to stay competitive, working with more people can also create its own set of challenges.

How familiar does this scenario sound:

  • Alright who should we work with? Quite a bit of time and energy goes into vetting who to work with—after all there’s a couple of firms to choose from
  • Okay we’ve got someone…now how do we get them our data so that the results are good?
  • Wait, can we even share the data? Better call legal and get that process started.

Up until the third quarter of 2016, we knew this cycle all too well. But then Nielsen launched the Connected Partner Program, an open ecosystem that allows FMCG manufacturers and retailers to more easily collaborate with third-party companies so that they can get done whatever it is they might want to get done. From product locators and mobile ad delivery to data visualization and weather data, the partners in this program fulfill a broad range of needs that use a client’s Nielsen data as multiplayer for more robust, comprehensive and measurable results.

Continuing this mission of better collaboration, Nielsen has just launched its Connected Partner Network, a web-based resource designed to significantly improve and simplify the process in which FMCG companies identify a trusted partner. How much better is this industry-first tool?

“It’s like online shopping,” says Brett Jones, Vice President of the Connected Partner Program at Nielsen. “Finding a trustworthy partner is not dissimilar to finding a sturdy pair of hiking books, a new car or even a credit card; all can be done online. I believe our ‘shopping’ experience should be no different. With the program set to reach hundreds of partners in the near future, I’m confident this resource will further advance the way our industry collaborates and innovates”.

On the Connected Partner Network, clients will be able to use the inter-site search bar to find a partner in the words they “think in,” while advanced filters will help clients discover partners when they’re not sure where to start. Additionally, overview tiles will let clients see all partners without needing to click-in, but once clicked in—let clients find similar partners.