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Fresh Produce Data at Your Doorstep: Harvest to Home is Here

How A New Data Tool Is Helping Growers Better Connect With Consumers

Vegetable growers have traditionally relied on limited access to data when trying to understand the performance of their produce and the best vegetable lines to focus on in the future.

With the creation of the Harvest to Home dashboard, deep and valuable insights are now available to put the shopper at the centre of focus, and they can help growers plan ahead and develop informed long-term strategies to grow their businesses. The new tool will guide the development of new products that are targeted toward customers’ specific needs, assist growers to be better informed about market opportunities, and provide data to enable industry conversations across the supply chain.

Available in one simple and mobile-friendly dashboard, Harvest to Home is an analytics tool that we developed with Hort Innovation, one of the Australia’s 15 Rural Research and Development Corporations (RDCs). It’s public, free and simple to use, leveraging the investment of levy funds for vegetable, sweetpotato and onion growers, giving the largest number of insights on marketing performance and shopper behaviour ever, and set to become the go-to tool for Australian growers.

Did you know that 44% of households bought broccoli (including baby broccoli and Broccolini®) in September 2016, 3 percentage points more than the same period in 2017? One of the key features of the dashboard is the two year longitudinal data that shows historical trends for up to two years, providing a close look at each vegetable, the percentage of buying households and the amount they spend on average.

Did you know that senior couples are buying more sweet potato than any other group? They’re buying it 7.6 times a year, and buying close to 10 kilos of it annually.* Sounds like a good reason to engage and better understand that shopper group! Harvest to Home has incredibly detailed information on demographics, and you can look at these groups based on lifestage, annual income, primary shopper age and household size, to really get to know your buyer and be able to provide the best products to them.

In addition to hundreds of data points available on the dashboard, case studies looking at hot topics with deep dive analysis and insights on specific vegetables will be continually uploaded to the site. All the information can be downloaded for you to keep and refer to at a later time. It can also be viewed on mobile devices and tablets, as well as desktop computers.

Having access to these consumer behaviour insights will help the industry to better adapt to market trends and keep up-to-date with the needs and expectations of the modern Australian shopper. Harvest to Home is going to change the way growers work by exploring consumer preferences in a modern, current and easy to use online platform. This initiative, MT17017, is funded by Hort Innovation using vegetable, onion and sweet potato levies and contributions from the Australian Government.

For additional information, visit the Harvest to Home dashboard.

*Source: Nielsen Homescan 52 weeks to Dec. 2, 2017.