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A Year of Powerful Connections for the Nielsen Connect Partner Program

Retailers and manufacturers today have access to more data than ever before, but connecting these datasets can be time consuming and challenging. In 2016, we developed the Nielsen Connect Partner Program (previously named the Nielsen Connected Partner Program), using our data as connective tissue, to remove the burdensome barriers of sharing data and shift the industry from managing data to doing things with it. And throughout 2018, we’ve worked hard to deliver on our mission to facilitate greater collaboration for the retail and consumer packaged goods industry by providing an open and collaborative ecosystem.

This summer, the Nielsen Connect Partner Program became the industry’s largest curated community of partners for retailers and manufacturers in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) space. But the program’s growth hasn’t stopped there. We’re continuing to build our roster of partners, with Answer Rocket, Big Chalk Analytics, CA Designs, Category Partners, Engage 3 and Nutrino joining the program this quarter alone. From macro space planning for stores to artificial intelligence (AI) powered pricing performance tools, these new members bring capabilities that enhance the community’s strength, particularity in retail measurement.

Nielsen Connected Partner Program 2018

These most recent additions reinforce a sentiment Jeanne Danubio, Nielsen’s EVP of U.S. Retail, shared earlier this year: “We believe that the future of retail will be built on customer centricity and personalization. With the world’s most robust market and shopper data, a powerful suite of marketing and merchandising personalization solutions, and our network of innovative partners, Nielsen is on a mission to help retailers and manufacturers deliver the relevance needed to truly resonate with today’s consumers.”

And 2019 will bring another exciting update for the program that will further simplify the way our clients work with third-party and Nielsen data.

“2019 will be a year of significant growth for the program,” says Brett Jones, VP and Nielsen’s Connect Partner Program Leader. “We are excited to enhance our offering, bring more capability and choice to our clients, and improve partner discovery capabilities. I know these enhancements will support our goal, which has always been and will continue to be, enabling our clients to maximize the usefulness of their Nielsen data in an open ecosystem that fosters collaboration.”

With a community of more than 50 active program partners, we’re driving an instrumental shift in the industry mindset from managing and analyzing data to making smarter, faster decisions. Powered by insights and enriched capabilities born from openness, companies have been able to discover “what’s next” for their business, which has been expressed as a clear, successful outcome of the program to date.  

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