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Nielsen Online Provides Topline U.S. Data And Overall Online Video Usage Figures For April 2009

New York, US – May 11, 2009 – Nielsen Online, a service of The Nielsen Company, reports April 2009 data for the Top Parent Companies/Divisions and Top Web Brands, as well as average Internet usage.

Table 1: Top 10 Parent Companies/Divisions for April 2009 (U.S., Home and Work)

Parent Unique Audience (000) Time Per Person (hh:mm:ss)
Google 138,749 1:58:39
Microsoft 124,416 2:34:55
Yahoo! 120,013 3:22:20
AOL LLC 86,809 3:45:16
News Corp. Online 79,517 1:18:40
Facebook 71,287 3:14:36
InterActiveCorp 64,040 0:16:00
eBay 63,671 1:47:36
Amazon 59,357 0:26:35
Wikimedia Foundation 59,072 0:17:16

Source: Nielsen Online

Example: The data indicates that 59.1 million home and work Internet users visited at least one of the Wikimedia Foundation-owned sites or launched a Wikimedia Foundation-owned application during the month, and each person spent, on average, a total of 17 minutes and 16 seconds at one or more of their sites or applications. The parent level is defined as a consolidation of multiple domains and URLs owned by a single company or division. The brand level is defined as a consolidation of multiple domains and URLs that has a consistent collection of branded content.

Table 2: Top 10 Web Brands for April 2009 (U.S., Home and Work)

Brand Unique Audience (000) Time Per Person (hh:mm:ss)
Google 131,595 1:22:44
Yahoo! 117,939 3:23:58
MSN/Windows Live 100,577 2:26:04
Microsoft 98,795 0:45:58
YouTube 87,366 0:53:23
AOL Media Network 86,809 3:45:16
Facebook 71,287 3:14:36
Fox Interactive Media 65,828 1:21:53
Wikipedia 58,942 0:17:04
Apple 52,965 1:16:44

Source: Nielsen Online

Table 3: Average U.S. Internet Usage, Combined Home & Work, Month of April 2009

Sessions/Visits per Person 61
Domains Visited per Person 108
Web Pages per Person 2,443
Duration of a Web Page Viewed 0:00:57
PC Time per Person 71:55:42
Active Digital Media Universe 166,950,345
Current Digital Media Universe Estimate 230,658,452

Source: Nielsen Online

Nielsen Online today also provides overall online video usage and top online brands ranked by video streams for April 2009. Year-over-year, total streams, streams per viewer and time per viewer were up, led by a 58 percent growth in time per viewer.

Table 4: Overall Online Video Usage (U.S.)

  Apr-08 Apr-09 Percent Change
Unique Viewers (000) 119,626 116,691 -2.5%
Total Streams (000) 7,613,847 9,452,996 24.2%
Streams per Viewer 63.6 81.0 27.4%
Time per Viewer (min) 130.1 205.7 58.1%

Source: Nielsen Online, VideoCensus
Note: Includes progressive downloads and excludes video advertising.

VideoCensus Methodology and Metrics:

Nielsen Online’s VideoCensus combines patented panel and census research methodologies to provide an accurate count of viewing activity and engagement along with in-depth demographic reporting. Online video viewing is tracked according to video player, which can be used on site or embedded elsewhere on the Web. For example, if a “Saturday Night Live” clip from is embedded on a personal blog, that video would be attributed to NBC because of the NBC video player.
A unique viewer is anyone who viewed a full episode, part of an episode or a program clip during the month. A stream is a program segment. VideoCensus measurement does not include video advertising.