Innovation is not random–it’s a science that can be replicated again and again if you have the right analytics, tools and support systems. As manufacturers are challenged to respond to a fragmented and nimble competitive environment with fewer and fewer resources, it is critical to not only identify attractive innovations but execute with excellence in order to avoid missing opportunities and protecting the parent brand.

Enter the innovation equation

The Innovation Equation is rooted in the fundamental principle of creating the most incremental impact possible on your brand through innovation and how your innovations are activated in market. It avoids taking already limited money away from successful innovations & your parent brand and ensures you’re seeing the highest return on innovation for the product you’re launching. Ultimately, the Innovation Equation helps maximize return on innovation by supporting the right innovation in the right way for a portfolio win.

Used separately or all together, BASES’ portfolio of innovation solutions can help companies launch successful innovations faster, more effectively and more consistently.

BASES Formula

Good Innovation

Identify Trial & Repeat Potential with:

Strategy / Opportunity

Innovation Architect, Quick Screen, Optimizer

Compelling Consumer Proposition

Quick Predict

Positive Product Experience

Quick Use

Good Activation

Ensure Trial & Repeat REalization With:

High ROI Marketing Plan

Volumetric Forecasting

Effective Package Design

Design Audit and Design Navigator

Optimal Price / Line up and variety selection

Line & Price Optimizer and Variety Rank & Sort

Strong Retailer Perception

Retail Ready


Working with BASEs eliminates the need to compromise

For the past 40+ years, BASES has helped clients by measuring the unmeasured and has evolved with the market, constantly implementing new and agile methods for accessing innovations. With BASES, you do not need to sacrifice quality for speed—you can have both speed and quality (and more) thanks to our cutting-edge technology.

BASES Innovation Studio is a web-based software platform designed to help you develop better ideas and bring them to market faster. By enabling sophisticated automation for data collection and reporting processes, we can deliver results quickly without compromising quality.

Nielsen Bases Studio


Clear and Actionable


For Fast and Agile Implementation

Better Data

For Consistent Predictiveness

Global Data


Across Industries and Globally


Dedicated Support

Activation profiles

Our Analytical framework Predicts The Success of All Innovations

Activation Profiles

Activation Profiles is our analytical framework that helps you support your best innovations the right way. It’s powered by Nielsen BASES’ predictive analytics, including Factors for Success, Forecasting and Franchise Growth analysis. Together, these create the tools you need to determine market viability and strategy for innovation.

Did you know…

  • Factors For Success: Used to qualify innovations that have an in-market success rate of 75% vs. 15% without predictive analytics
  • Forecasting & Franchise Growth: Validated within 9% of actual sales: Accompanied by the industry’s best incrementality assessment model


BASES also has expertise in Innovation for verticals outside of traditional CPG!

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