A Roadmap for Success

Nielsen Innovation Architect uncovers category white space opportunities and unfulfilled consumer needs so you can develop winning strategies to grow your brand.

By employing Innovation Architect early in the innovation process, you can identify a road map for developing new products, reposition current brands or assess the overall health of your existing brands against competitors.

Driving in-market outcomes

Put the odds in your favor

Initiatives that are holistically evaluated by the Nielsen Innovation process are 85% more likely to achieve in-market success

Consistently get the oK

Initiatives are 50% more likely to be “outstanding” or “ready” than average products in BASES database

How Does it work?


Consumers organize you and your competitive brands by the way in which you meet their needs. Through this process unarticulated desires, partially expressed needs, recurring frustrations, or in other words, new consumer jobs, are discovered.

Identify and prioritize opportunities

Once a job has been found, it’s time to evaluate them: which represent opportunities? Which do we need to understand better? Which is the most attractive to consumers?


develop and implement actionable growth strategies

When the job to be done is decided upon, Innovation Architect will help you determine your multi-year road map with actionable growth strategies sure to solve your consumers needs and get you hired.