Line and Price Optimization

What’s the right size to maximize your margin? Which new SKU reduces cannibalization? What price maximizes revenue? Every day you make dozens of decisions that can dramatically affect the business potential of your innovations and brand portfolio. While it’s easy to make judgment calls or use conventional wisdom for these day-to-day questions, each sub-optimal decision diminishes the growth potential of your innovation. And when multiplied, this leaky bucket can leave you at risk for an inefficient portfolio and underperforming launches. 

Line and Price Optimizer

Using consumer input and predictive analytics, Nielsen Line and Price Optimizer allows you to identify the best varieties, prices and pack sizes to maximize your innovation and portfolio’s potential. When you don’t rely on judgment to make decisions, your validated ideas can grow even stronger, achieving their full potential for incremental brand growth and helping you to establish a more efficient portfolio. Watch the video to learn  how Line and Price Optimizer can help you. 

Diletto Milk Chocolate Bar

Success Story

Facing pressure from its retailers to create a simpler experience for their customers, Diletto’s undertook a drastic portfolio overhaul. By imaging new sizes and prices for its products, Diletto’s was able to increase its dollar growth, volume growth and gross margin.


Variety Rank & Sort

Selecting your brand’s optimal variety lineup can be tricky. Most tools are designed to only maximize reach, failing to properly value consumers interested in multiple varieties. BASES Variety Rank & Sort captures overall preference instead of just reach, telling you the optimal combination of varieties to maximize your volume potential.


Price Advisor

Determining the ideal price point for a product is challenging but, in many cases, it’s absolutely necessary to succeed in-market. Products priced too high may struggle to generate sufficient sales to stay on shelf, while products priced too low can drastically reduce profit margins. BASES Price Advisor identifies the optimal price by evaluating the volumetric opportunity across a broad range of price points.