BASES Restaurant Innovation Capabilities

Predictive analytics for better decisions

Growing your restaurant through innovation can be a challenge. Incomplete, unreliable or outdated research can slow you down and drive poor decisions. Overcome these obstacles with Nielsen BASES. Our solutions are grounded in predictive insights that take into account the unique buying dynamics in the restaurant industry and the nuances of your guests.


Activation profiles for restaurants

  • Analytical framework included on any concept test that segments your restaurant innovation opportunities based on strategic potential
  • Evaluate tangible activation strategies and implications by looking at different pathways to success
  • Make better decisions using discriminating, predictive and proprietary BASES analytics

BASES Volumetric Forecasting

  • Best-in-class, restaurant industry validated
  • Simulated market forecasts within +/-9% of sales

The formula for success: 4D Innovation

4D Restaurants

By leveraging the BASES 4D Innovation system, you can maximize your return on innovation. The 4D system offers modular solutions that span your entire innovation process. These solutions can also be used within foodservice divisions such as cafeterias and schools/universities.


Decide & Discover

What type of menu items are my guests interested in? How do I reduce my timelines from 9-18 months to 3-6 months?


Innovation Architect, Quick Screen, Rank & Sort, Idea Screen

Identify “How” to Play

Stay ahead of guests’ evolving needs and win loyalty versus competitors

Speed Up Menu Development Without Sacrificing Accuracy

Narrow your menu innovation funnel with speed, rigor and accuracy



Am I positioning my menu item in an appealing way? Which mobile app promotions will convert the largest share of guests?


Product Optimizer, Quick Predict, Snapshot, Meal Builder, BASES I

Prioritize menu Innovations your guests desire and crave

Develop the service offerings, LTOs and menu items that win with your guests and communicate them in the right way

Drive loyalty by unlocking how to engage with key guest segments

Target a variety of key guest segments based on your unique restaurant objectives



Which beverage offerings should be launched and how should they be priced to maximize incrementality? What is the optimal lineup for the entrée/breakfast menus to maximize revenue and margins? Which menu boards are most appealing to guests? Which point-of-sale/kiosk layouts maximize average check?


Menu & Price Optimizer, Menu-based Conjoint, Volume Forecasting, Price Advisor, Design Benchmarker, Messaging / Design Optimizer

Enhance Guests’ value equation while meeting margin objectives

Address rising costs and maximize your margins through forward-looking price elastically modeling and menu item, category and portfolio rationalization

Refresh your restaurant experience to drive guest loyalty and raise revenue

Improve your guest experience by optimizing your menu board design, LTO messaging, point-of-sale, kiosk/handheld interface, engagement and more