Nielsen Bases Retail Ready

Analytics to win distribution over your competition

Distribution is essential for new products, but categories are becoming more crowded and retail shelf space is at an all-time premium. You don’t always have the best analytics to fight for shelf space. BASES Retail Ready provides the right competitive analytics for new products to demonstrate value to retail buyers in a language that matters to them.

Key Benefits


High Quality Results

A predictive choice-based method among a competitive context mimics consumer purchasing decisions at shelf and enables us to simulate the impact of a new product introduction on retail shelves.

Relevant Analytics

Nielsen’s expert consulting and objective narrative provides a recommended sell-in approach that will resonate with the retailer to win distribution over competition.

Speed to Sell-in

Nielsen makes it easy because we do all the heavy lifting to provide rigorous, relevant and reliable inputs to your sell-in story in just 3 weeks.

Case Studies

This Little Goat Case Study

This Little Goat, a new brand inspired by a popular restaurant group in Chicago, recently partnered with BASES using our new Retail Ready solution to win distribution for their new line of marinades. Check out our case study to see how this completely new brand managed to speak the retailer’s language and secure valuable distribution at large retailers.

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