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Nielsen Connect is a faster, more efficient way to align your resources around the right data and technology. Now you can connect your business so everyone agrees on what’s happening, understands why and can create a coordinated plan of action in real time.

Discover what happens when you connect your business.



Now You can

Rich and integrated data on an open network allows you to separate momentary fads from developing trends and confidently invest in new opportunities.

Create common goals by integrating data from multiple sources and accessing it in a consistent way. 

Work where, when and with whom you want via our open system and Connect Partner Network. 



Diagnose performance gaps

Intuitive applications enable you to quickly and consistently diagnose what’s happening in your business and why.

Act on Opportunities

Embedded analytical models and applications help you take action confidently.

Connected Partner

There’s power in partnering up

Get the right results for your business by working with innovative, trustworthy partners. Built on an open ecosystem using Nielsen data, there are no barriers to sharing data—so you can shift from managing data to using it to make faster decisions. With your data connected, you’ll be able to measure, analyze and decide smarter than ever before.

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Easy Analytics, for your everyday decisions

Easily scale on-demand analytics to all of your daily decision making, powered by the technology of Nielsen Connect.

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