Innovation performance
measurement apps

Innovation is a top priority

Innovation is a top corporate priority for 72% of CPG manufacturers — and a top measurement gap. With real-time, A.I.-powered measurement, you can take the guess-work out of your innovation planning and execution processes. Nielsen Innovation Performance Measurement apps automate the way you track the latest product innovations on the market and how your launches stack up against the competition.

Plan strategic investments

Drive smarter execution


Track emerging trends

Grow your business with innovation measurement

Innovation performance measurement apps

Innovation activity

Identify emerging trends/brands faster, with specific product-level info on the most recent innovations

Innovation profiler

Make informed strategic investment decisions by comparing high-level innovation performance


Innovation benchmarker

Make smarter execution plans and decisions by comparing launches vs competitive benchmarks

How we do it

Nielsen Innovation Performance Measurement apps use artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate and streamline the coding for millions of product characteristics. When product innovations are intelligently identified and classified in real time, your teams can speak the same language about innovation trends, consistently report innovation metrics and diagnose how to effectively compete and grow.