Retail Analytics

Optimize your merchandising strategy to maximize profit and foot traffic

How We Help Retailers

As a retailer you strive to meet your customers requirements, offering the right assortment of products at the right value. However, according to Nielsen retail sales data from 2019, 40% of average retailers products are priced wrong.

Nielsen Retail Analytics helps you maximize profit and foot traffic by allowing you to identify your unique and optimal assortment, pricing or promotion strategy. Powered by proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, award winning analytical models, and machine learning (ML) in an online platform, you can continually monitor, quantify and refine your strategies based on the changing marketplace.

Results our clients have seen

Analyze your key merchandising levers

Our capabilities are designed with you in mind, and we invent, test and refine them based on your input. The result? A suite of analytical reports and dashboards that helps you arrive at your optimal merchandising strategy.



  • Which items are incremental?
  • Which items can I add or delist?
  • How should I reallocate facings to minimize out-of-stocks (OOS)?


  • Which prices matter?
  • How do our prices stack up to the market?
  • Which items are incorrectly priced?


  • Which items should I promote and how deep should I promote them?
  • What is the planned lift and ROI on my events?
  • What is the true net impact of a promotion?



Create a comprehensive market view

Use Nielsen rest of market data, Connected Partner data (like price audits) and your own data (like T-log) to create a complete view of market assortments, prices and promotions.


Run the analytics

Use award-winning AI / ML models to quickly identify items to add or delist, optimal price changes and promotion strategies.


Interact with the data

Through automated reports and interactive dashboards, find key insights and change recommendations to drive your business forward.