Know your Consumer. Grow your Revenue.

The path to purchase isn’t always a direct route. Shoppers face countless options along their journey, and each one forces them to make a decision before they can move forward. Add to that multiple influencers like family, social groups and western influences—all of which introduce an intricate web of dimensions to each purchase decisions.

That’s where Nielsen comes in. Not only will we help you understand who your shoppers are, but we’ll pinpoint what they’re buying, where, when and why. Then, we’ll help you reach them.

Understanding shopper attitudes, motivations and behaviors is crucial in creating a roadmap that funnels traffic in your direction. But having data only gets you halfway to strategic planning. That’s why Nielsen provides intuitive tools and analytic resources, so you can quickly identify what matters to you. With this complete picture, we’ll help you reach your consumers effectively and improve the performance of your stores, categories and brands.

A holistic view of the shopper incorporates all available tools with timely and flexible analytics layered on our base of in market retail experience. That’s our standard of measurement.

And to ensure that we deliver precise point-of-sale insights, we’re constantly upgrading our solutions. We also have deep-rooted relationships with retailers and manufacturers that yield powerful insights for connecting consumer demand with what shoppers buy.

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How We Do It

Identify the habits and rules that drive shopper behaviour in-store.

Which factors drive consumer purchase decisions? Our shopper data highlights what consumers are buying and why.

Develop strong, lasting customer relationships.

Understanding consumers’ subconscious response to your ads helps streamline creative development and deliver more efficient media spend. Our granular diagnostics identify what is (and isn’t) working to provide actionable results and optimise your advertising.

Today’s consumers are savvy, diverse and ever-changing. We’ll help you keep them coming back for more.

Our loyalty solution provides you with the most comprehensive view of your shoppers’ behavior, helping you develop the best consumer-centric approach to your marketing and merchandising.

Develop strong, lasting customer relationships.

Find the right solution for your business