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Data Fusion Brings Deeper Consumer Understanding to the Market in South Africa

The saying goes “two heads are better than one,” and in some cases, the same can be said about data sets. When multiple data sources are combined, this data fusion can provide more consistent, accurate and useful information. A prime example of the power of such a combination is our recently launched PAMS/CPS fusion data in South Africa.

Initiated and funded by the Publishers Research Council (PRC), this fusion brings together PAMS (Publisher Audience Measurement Survey) 2017 data, which provides print readership to advertisers and media planners in South Africa, and Nielsen’s Consumer Panel Survey (CPS) data, which provides real audited and scanned purchase data, based on 4,000 South African households. Together, the data will provide media planners and advertisers a deeper understanding of the country’s changing consumer buying behavior.

Jonathon Wells, SVP, Data Science – International Watch, Nielsen, presents on data fusion.

The data and the concept of fusion were introduced to the industry in two separate events, hosted in Johannesburg and Cape Town, at the end of September. The events started with a welcome address by Peter Langschmidt, a Consultant to the PRC. Jonathon Wells, SVP, Data Science – International Watch, Nielsen, then took the stage to present on the importance of fusion in an increasingly fragmented media landscape, as well as the benefits of fusion to the industry.

The events ended with a showcase of the key highlights from the data that would be accessible to the industry after the launch of the fusion data.

Peter Langschmidt, a Consultant to the PRC, addresses the crowd.

The PAMS/CPS fusion data will greatly assist advertisers and agencies in their media planning. One of the biggest strengths of fusing PAMS with the well-established Nielsen CPS panel is that CPS is based on audited/verified brand measurement, as opposed to the recall methodology used in other studies. Our CPS panel collects actual, scanned data from households, at least once a month, resulting in 48,000 household visits a year and measuring over 200,000 shopping occasions.

This results in massive coverage of more than 3,000 consumer goods brands and 190 product categories, which will be further enhanced by the fusion with PAMS that already includes motor, finance, retail and cell phone branded data.

The new product features an extract of CPS data and will provide a measure of Heavy, Medium and Light buyers across categories and brands. For clients who have or want to subscribe to the entire Nielsen CPS offering, that means they’ll be able to link the data within the PAMS media context into the deeper data that they have access to in the full CPS study.

With the launch of PAMS/CPS fusion data, Nielsen, along with the PRC, is bringing the world-class innovation of fusion to the South African market, filling a void and creating a win-win situation for advertisers and the broader media industry in South Africa.

Pictured above (left to right): Peter Langschmidt, Consultant to the PRC (Publishers Research Council); Terry Murphy, Managing Director-Watch, South Africa, Nielsen; Angelique Amado, Associate Director-Watch, South Africa, Nielsen; and Jonathon Wells, SVP, Data Science – International Watch, Nielsen.