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  • Today’s consumers are inundated with choices from print to screen, traditional to modern trade channels, retailers to e-tailers, consumer goods to financial services and technology products. They have no issues switching to find a brand that fulfils their rising expectations.
  • At the same time, technology is empowering consumers to be more informed and connected.
  • Knowing how, where and when to activate your brand and drive consumers to action have never been more important, or more possible than in today’s digital first, data-driven world.
  • The science behind building a stand-out brand consumers love and buy is to provide them with a personalized and seamlessly integrated onmichannel brand experience by having a clear view of the evolving marketplace and a thorough understanding of consumers.
  • Nielsen Consumer & Brand Solutions integrate validated proprietary consumer research with social listening, search, continuous market measurement and consultative expertise to provide a 360⁰ view of consumers and brands, evaluate the effectiveness of your strategy and determine how to best engage and position your brand for sustainable growth.


Consumer Demand

Nielsen Usage & Attitude (U&A) approaches provide a comprehensive evaluation of your consumers and category.

The Consumer 6WS
Consumer 6W’s

Measures consumer drivers and dynamics across a specific group of category needs through established and emerging techniques. It identifies the ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘where’, ‘when’, ‘why’ and ‘how’ of demand to identify your most profitable consumers, influence their choice in your favor and provide cues to product innovation and growth opportunities.


Scans the outlook of your category against adjacent categories to determine your category health and identify emerging trends, threats and opportunities that exist beyond conventional brand management radar. It helps marketers keep an eye on the evolving marketplace so you know where you are heading, mitigate threats and leverage opportunities to grow your brand or disrupt your category.

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brand health

Brand Equity

Winning Brands®

Is Nielsen’s Brand Health Measurement and Management solution encompassing a suite of modules that can be mixed and matched to address all brand research needs from simple tracking to in-depth brand reviews.

It centers around an equity management system that believes what consumers know and experience will influence what they are willing to do for the brand.

A validated approach leveraging all Nielsen assets and analytical prowess, we link what consumers think, feel and say to an extensive database of what consumers watch and buy, to help brands effectively translate positive brand intent into more sales and stronger loyalty.

  • Health Check monitors the essential measures of brand health, diagnose cues to cultivate brand equity and manage market factors to translate brand equity to sales.
  • Activation examines consumers’ brand experience across multiple touch points to ensure you are engaging them on the right ones.
  • Communications helps to cut through the clutter and provides detailed diagnosis to optimize your advertising campaigns.
  • Foresight predicts your brand’s future outlook by identifying bonded customers that you need to retain and grow, attract new customers with higher affinity towards your brand, and explore untapped consumer segments.
  • Brand Builder Interactive provides predictive analytics at your fingertips to prioritize future actions and make smarter decisions. It quantifies the impact of building brand awareness, consideration and positioning on equity and shares in real-time, before you invest your precious marketing dollars.

Digital PUlse

e-Winning Brands+

Unleash the power of asking and listening by connecting passive insights from social media listening and search with surveys to uncover what people say about your brand offline and online, and quantify the impact of offline word of mouth and social media conversations on brand equity and sales to carve out a coherent marketing strategy with the right balance of traditional and digital marketing efforts.

Measure your digital brand equity and the driver to determine the role of digital for your brand to ensure you are capitalizing social media to activate consumers and grow your brand.

Total Brand Equity

Social Pulse

A social intelligence solution that uses AI to accurately annotate online conversations in the public domain about your product category, company, brand or campaign, to help you discover actionable business insights and trends. Understand consumer sentiment and topics of conversation from public online sources including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, blogs, forums, news, reviews, and many more depending on the country. Nielsen Social Pulse analyzes text about any subject from any country and in any language, detects emotions and deciphers images/logos so you know everything that consumers say or post online.


Private online communities that are custom built for you to directly access and engage with your customers. Virtual group discussions, bulletin boards, chat groups, polls, surveys and ethnographic research are conducted through this multilingual platform to provide a deeper understanding of consumers’ needs, expectations and perceptions towards your brand. Ultimately this will allow you to develop more compelling content and adapt your brand strategy to ensure that your loyal customers remain engaged. You can use an online community on an ad-hoc, medium term or long term basis for fast insights on demand.

Why Nielsen


Winning Brands® links brand equity and health insights with Nielsen retail, consumer panels, media measurement and passive insights to deliver a holistic brand health management solution, with highly actionable recommendations.


Our model is backed by a strong theoretical foundation and validated to have a strong linkage to in-market performance.

Tried and tested

1,900 clients | 292 categories | 80 countries | 30,000 brand norms.

Latest thinking and technology

We consistently innovate with the latest thinking and digital technologies/data to enhance our model and processes for faster, smarter solutions.

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