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Audience Is Everything

Nielsen uncovers what audiences want,

so you can make media that counts.


Connecting you to audiences, growth and new opportunities.


Know everything about your audiences with our cross-platform measurement data of the entire population and its shifting habits.


Power your planning and invest where it matters with comprehensive data that shows where, when and how to meet your audiences.

Marketing optimization

Maximize your ROI by understanding how your advertising and marketing reaches and impacts audiences.


Connect audiences with the TV, movie, sports, music and podcast content they’ll love.


Stay ahead of media’s evolution with our timely insights.

Featured report

The 2022 ROI Report

If driving media ROI is your job, this report helps you do it better.

Featured data

FIFA World Cup 2022™: the essential data hub

Stay up-to-date on the predictions, standings, sponsorship trends, fan insights and our perspective on it all.

Featured report

Global Marketing Report

Find out what Marketers around the globe have to say about what’s driving their media, data, tech and measurement strategies.


Real people are always at the heart of our data.


People around the world participate in our panels

Backed by real people, our global panels provide critical data validation and ensure representation.


Employees power our business globally

Our passionate workforce drives a better media future across 57 countries. 


Business resource groups champion an inclusive culture

Members of these groups help us bring our best to the communities we measure.