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What fans want: The 2022 World Cup report

Featured report

Discover what World Cup fans really want

Learn how brands, broadcasters and platforms can capitalize on the FIFA World Cup™ and it’s billion-plus views.


How to get your content discovered

Streamline how you organize and present content so viewers can easily discover and watch.

US streaming in July


Streaming claims largest piece of TV viewing in July

U.S. streaming viewership surpassed cable viewing in July.

Man reading newspaper on the street


LGBTQ+ audiences are reviving traditional media

LGBTQ+ audiences are flocking to authentic and inclusive content.

Featured data

Top 10 rankings

Discover what consumers are watching, playing and listening to around the world.

Nielsen Top 10 rankings


Five questions every advertiser wants answered

What to know about capturing online behavior and using metrics to grow sales.


Nielsen Annual Marketing Report

Find out what marketers have to say about their strategies for 2022.