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Powering content discoverability and distribution


Is having billions of hours of TV shows, movies, sports, music and podcast content available at any time too much of a good thing? Only if audiences can’t search for the content they want or discover new things they’re going to love. 

Covering 80+ countries and 35 languages, Gracenote provides the definitive collection of metadata and imagery powering advanced content distribution, navigation, search and discovery capabilities that connect audiences to content. With comprehensive metadata and IDs, Gracenote helps content distributors, owners and creators scale efficiencies, drive consumption, enhance viewing experiences and extract the most value from their programming.

What is a Gracenote ID?

Gracenote IDs are unique identifiers for music, TV, movies, sports and podcasts that are deployed throughout the global entertainment ecosystem. These unique IDs link data assets related to media like descriptions, genres, artists, imagery and program availability by platform.


TV & movie data

Curated imagery

Streaming, VOD & linear TV details


Music recognition

Music & podcast data

Links between audio & video content


Sports scores & stats

League, team & player info

Links between sports data & video content


Radio station data

Music recognition

Combines auto, sports & video content

Gracenote IDs and data fuel today’s complex and expanding global content ecosystem, empowering content creators, programmers, marketers and distributors to drive more value from media content across the lifecycle.

The Gracenote Difference

Helping entertainment providers derive maximum value from content

Content development

Understand, manage and analyze content catalogs and inform decision-making to develop successful programming.

Content distribution

Inform and label content licensing and streamlined distribution to video viewing and discovery services globally.

Content discoverability

Empower audiences to easily find and engage with audio and video content across streaming, on-demand and linear platforms.

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