What Keeps You Up At Night?

We’re all in this together, but our needs can be very different. Businesses today need to look beyond their internal datasets if they want to navigate an uncertain future. With blurring category and channels lines, businesses need to better understand changing consumer tastes, trends from overseas markets, and channels that they don’t operate in today.

What Keeps You Up

Does my rate of sales per store support an argument to gain distribution? 

What would happen to my sales and profit if I changed my price & promo strategy?

Which SKUs explain my current performance and my competitor’s?

How can I prove my products are reaching more exclusive shoppers in the next range review meeting?

How can I quantify the impact of removing my SKUs from a retailer?

How can I showcase the performance of my strategy in different retailers without braking raw data rules?

Did my recent NPD add additional sales to the category or did it cannibalise from my other SKUs? Did it help in bringing additional shoppers to my brand or to the overall category?

How do I understand how my consumers are shopping across  grocery, online, convenience, and specialist channels and therefore know where to focus my efforts? 

How can I better understand and capitalise on omnishopper behaviour? 

How can I understand shopper behaviour for categories heavily relying on out-of-home/on-the-go consumption?

How can I understand how my category is performing in other countries and what best practices / trends can I bring here?

How can I understand if there is an export opportunity based on category performance in Southeast Asia?

What are your most pressing questions?

Insights to help you answer these questions

Retail Sales Insights

Retail sales

Accurate retail measurement allows you to see what’s happening in stores and online in an increasingly competitive CPG landscape, helping manufacturers and retailers to work together on mutual growth.

Shopper Panel Insights

Shopper Panel

Knowing what you sold each week is only one part of the picture. To grow sales, retailers and manufacturers need deeper insights so they know which consumer levers to pull.

Omnichannel Insights


Know where to focus your efforts across various channels by understanding channel size, growth and the opportunity for your brands.

Overseas Category Insights

overseas category

Spot export opportunities and see emerging trends from overseas markets before they reach Australia’s shores.

Solutions that put your mind at rest

How Nielsen leverages the best datasets to answer your questions

Retailer Relationship

Retailer Relationships

Nielsen already processes retail data for all the major grocery retailers in Australia (ALDI, Chemist Warehouse, Coles, IGA, Priceline and Woolworths) and can process retail scan data for any retailer in Australia

Nielsen Homescan Panel

Nielsen Homescan Panel

Understanding how household shopping behavior affects your sales allows you to fine-tune your marketing decisions and yield the greatest return.

Receipt Capture

Receipt Capture

With receipt capture technology, you can understand hard-to-reach banners in the convenience, on-the-go, e-commerce, department stores, liquor, and specialist retailers.

Global Footprint

Global Footprint

Nielsen’s unique global footprint allows us to understand category trends and opportunities from over 100 markets, including China and Southeast Asia.

Find the answers you need to sleep easy