Healthy Habits Make Healthy Canadians

Healthy Habits Make Healthy Canadians

Leading a healthy lifestyle is now top of mind for many consumers, but the approaches they take are as individual as the people themselves. A majority of Canadians have health on their minds, however, as a recent Nielsen survey found that more than two-thirds of the country’s population says they’re making conscious efforts to improve their health.

Obesity is a key focus area for many Canadians, as close to 60% say they feel overweight to some extent. And while the government has mandates in place to ensure that food suppliers are transparent in the foods they provide, more than half of Canadian consumers (52%) are proactively trying to lose weight in an effort to take charge of their health.

Diet and exercise are the right methods for some, as more than half (51%) of Canadian consumers say they’re eating healthier than they used to, 59% say they’re actively purchasing healthier foods, and 38% say they exercise regularly.

Consumers are also thinking about their health more holistically—beyond just diet and exercise. For example, 50% of consumers say they’re striving for a better work/life balance. Others are considering overall stress and sleep patterns, knowing that overall health involves more than just physical elements. Seventy percent of Canadians strive to get adequate sleep every night, and close to one-fifth (18%) are practicing relaxation or meditation techniques.

While it’s good to know that Canadians endeavour for a healthy overall lifestyle, it’s helpful for retailers and manufacturers across the country to understand why. What’s at the top of their list? Preventing future health issues (68%), followed closely by 63% wanting to look and feel good.

WIth Canadians looking to make healthier choices, manufacturers and retailers have plenty of opportunities to provide products that will help consumers achieve their goals. Manufacturers and retailers that work to remove or replace undesirable ingredients, especially those seen as objectionable, and provide convenient, cost effective, tasty items will see plenty of repeat visits from happy, healthy consumers.


The insights in this article were derived from Nielsen’s Happy Healthy Home online survey of 4,909 Canadian consumers on healthy matters influencing their food purchases, conducted in March 2017.