Detailhandelstagung 2019

Detailhandelstagung 2019

On Tuesday, 30 April 2019, this year’s retail trade conference (Detailhandelstagung) will take place in cooperation with Fuhrer & Hotz. As in previous years, interesting speakers will talk about trends around the retail trade in 2019 as well.

As part of our participation in the retail trade conference (Detailhandelstagung), we’ve created profiles on “Shopper Missions”. We’ve categorized Shopper Missions according to the shopping basket contents and frequencies of almost half a million purchase acts in one year.

Based on this analysis, we identified seven individual Shopper Missions:

  1. Big Trolley: The weekly shopping with a high number of purchased products and an average shopping cart value of just under 145 CHF.

  2. Large Basket: This shopper mission differs not only because of the lower value of the basket compared to the big trolley but also because fresh products have a very high importance.

  3. Mid Size Basket: The value of the basket is on average 40 CHF. Product groups such as snacks, beverages and convenience are more important. Typically, categories that are also purchased as a supplement during the week.

  4. Fruit & Vegetable Basket: This shopper mission is strongly influenced by the high importance of fruit and vegetable spending. Almost 30% of the shopping cart value is attributed to these categories.

  5. Fresh For Today: Categories that are typically consumed on the same day have a high importance in this shopper mission. For example, bread and fresh meat products account for almost 50% of expenditure. The shopping cart has a very low value of less than 15 CHF.

  6. Complementary Basket: In the complementary basket fresh products have a very low importance. The focus is rather on drinks and non-fresh food products.

  7. Near Food Stocking-Up: With a value of just under CHF 70 per basket, it is the third largest in comparison to the other Shopper Missions. More than 30% are spent on Near Food products. Fresh products play a very subordinate role with less than 40%.

In comparison to the total expenditure, the seven described Shopper Missions have the following value share:

Interested in learning more about Shopper Missions? Contact us for more information.