No More Tiers

No More Tiers

Navigating The Future Of Consumer Demand Across China’s Cities

This report was developed and published by the Demand Institute, a non-profit think tank jointly operated by The Conference Board and Nielsen.

One of the most significant questions for global business leaders over the next decade is how to capture Chinese consumption growth opportunities against a backdrop of deep structural challenges in China’s economy. In this report, we provide a new perspective on how Chinese consumer spending will grow.

We conclude that, while growth will become more difficult to capture in the increasingly complex environment in which consumer businesses are operating, significant opportunities exist for them. We recommend strategies to capture these opportunities.

First, we provide a new system for businesses to prioritize which cities in which they should be investing, and we recommend the most promising cities.

Second, we introduce a new segment of consumers who will drive consumer spending in China and with whom we recommend that businesses engage actively.


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No More Tiers

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