Healthy eating and “big nights in” drive 2017’s fastest-growing groceries

Healthy eating and “big nights in” drive 2017’s fastest-growing groceries

There’s a distinctly contrasting nature to the fastest-growing grocery products of the year as fresh fruit and ‘free-from’ led the way, alongside spirits and sparkling wine.

Shoppers in the U.K. spent £176.4 million more on fresh fruit this year than they did last year, while sales of spirits rose £152.3 million and those of free-from products, such as items without gluten or dairy, rose £146.6 million.

Shoppers also splashed out an extra £80.3 million on sparkling wine, while bottled water and ale & stout – which became a bigger market than instant coffee – also featured in a contrasting top 10 in terms of healthy eating and drinking.

Despite inflation and rising prices, shoppers still want to treat themselves with good quality and healthier food while indulging and enjoying themselves by drinking and dining more at home. We can see this in the increasing popularity of “big nights in,” illustrated by chilled ready meals being the fifth fastest-growing sector.

However, the fastest-growing product of the year was a more traditional brand – Budweiser, upon which shoppers splurged an extra £49.2 million this year, ahead of energy drink Monster (up £31.3 million) and avocados (up £29.8 million).

In the year ahead, shoppers will continue to economise on their grocery bills but they won’t compromise. They will expect both good quality food and drink – and good value for money. Product manufacturers that deliver against these expectations will be the ones flying high.