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The Beverage Alcohol Media Report: Q2 2016

1 minute read | November 2016

The digital landscape as an advertising channel continues to be of high importance in the beverage alcohol (Bev-Al) industry. With that mind, we included two new sections in the Bev-Al Media Report that provide a greater view into this space:

  • Generational Snapshot: This section provides a snapshot of media behaviors for Millennials, Generation X and Boomers across TV, online and mobile
  • Bev-Al Industry Media Spend: Using enhanced Digital spend coverage from the Nielsen Ad Intel tool, we provide a view of not only media spend across traditional channels, but also for digital broken out by platform.

Additionally, the “Festival & Adult Beverages – A Winning Mix” section illustrates how legal drinking age (LDA) festival goers are a market waiting to be tapped by music-savvy brands. These consumers are diverse, highly engaged with both music and the bev-al category and primed to be brand ambassadors.

We also continue to highlight the top Bev-Al television ads and provide an updated look on how LDA consumers are engaging with media content that has a specific focus on generation and ethnicity.


Festival goers are 31% more likely than the average consumer to have consumed an adult beverage in the past 30 days. Domestic wine sits at the top of preferred categories, followed closely by imported beer with 44% and 42% penetration among festival fans. Both light low calorie beer and craft beer are much liked too, with over a third of festival fans drinking both.

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