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The Database: The New Work-Life-Media Balance

1 minute read | September 2020


The effects of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic have been numerous and widespread, extending into all aspects of daily life. Among the myriad adjustments consumers around the globe have needed to make, however, perhaps none have been as significant as spending a majority of their time at home, both during formal lockdowns and after cities have started to re-open. 

With home becoming the new office for many Americans, connectivity and technology are paramount. The shift to virtual from IRL has re-shaped an array of behaviors, ranging from how we receive medical care, to how we shop and engage with media—and even interact with one another.

This special episode of the Database delves into the new reality that many Americans are facing in light of COVID-19: spending many of our waking hours at home, including the time we spend working. Our guests for this episode include Peter Katsingris, SVP Audience Insights, Chris Quick, Senior Research Executive, Roxanne Geyer,  VP of Platform Operations for Nielsen’s Advanced Video Advertising division, Alex Gutierrez, Director of client solutions for addressable TV, and Bradley Rouzer, DAI (dynamic ad insertion) observer.

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