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Targeting premium audiences on social media

1 minute read | September 2021

As people around the world continue to use social media to connect, social media platforms present a cost-effective opportunity to reach larger audiences, allowing brands to increase their brand awareness.

To facilitate the introduction of Styler Steamer to the market, a premium innovation of home appliances for a better life by LG, the agency PHD reached out to Nielsen Marketing Cloud to build a tailored audience. Nielsen’s rich audience segmentation covers demographics, psychographics, online, TV, behavioural, spending and social. 

PHD took on a mini-funnel approach. Using the optimised video views, it targeted high intent users of the home steamer to drive awareness in the campaign. PHD tested Nielsen audiences alongside interest-based audiences. The Nielsen audience drove the strongest results and helped populate the most relevant retargeting audience, a key to driving traffic and sales.

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