Webinar: On the Cusp of a Health Revolution

Webinar: On the Cusp of a Health Revolution

Consumers are hungry for good health and greater transparency. Do you have the appetite for what’s on the health and wellness menu?

Tune in to Nicole Corbett, Nielsen’s Director of Thought Leadership and Regan Leggett, Nielsen’s Executive Director of Thought Leadership & Foresight in the webinar replay to discover the following topics:

  • Rising obesity levels reach crisis point around the world: Consumers are aware and will act on it.
  • Consumers actively try to change lifestyles and diet: They want transparency and choice to make better food decisions.
  • Government spurred into legislative action and rising health costs and social responsibility: Governments are introducing legislation for companies to be accountable and transparent in product formulation.
  • Companies must accept the challenge or face financial consequences: Four distinct strategies are emerging.

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