Gluten-Free Consumers: Find Your Piece of the Pie

Gluten-Free Consumers: Find Your Piece of the Pie


Whether you think a gluten free diet benefits everyone or it is just the latest fad, there’s no denying it’s big business. Last year New Zealand shoppers spent over $50 million on gluten free products, increasing by 13% year on year.*

203,000 Kiwis started their day with gluten free bread, spreads and cereals, snacked on gluten free cakes and biscuits throughout the day and accompanied dinners with gluten free sauces and condiments.

For brands competing in the marketplace, or those wanting their own slice of the gluten free pie, understanding this consumer segment and tailoring communications to them can boost sales and garner shopper loyalty.

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*Nielsen ScanTrack, MAT to 06/09/2015 vs. MAT 07/09/2014.


In this environment, breadth of understanding of consumer attitudes, media consumption and their day to day behaviours is essential. Nielsen’s Consumer Profiles provide quick and inexpensive views of consumers you want to identify, understand and then reach. Meaning you don’t rely on too narrow a view of a customer. Consumer Profiles draw from Nielsen’s Consumer and Media (CMI) service, a database of an annual rolling survey, nationally representative, with a robust sample of 12,000 New Zealanders aged 15+.

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