Turning Silver into Retail Gold

Turning Silver into Retail Gold


Singapore is one of the “oldest” nations in Asia Pacific and the silver generation accounts for 40% of the nation’s grocery shopping, making it an extremely important segment for the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry and both manufacturers and retailers. However, shopping environments and CPG products are generally not designed with the elderly in mind, so several of their needs are not met. 

The Nielsen report – Turning Silver into Retail Gold polled responses from Singaporeans above 55 years old and provides the sentiments and unmet needs of elderly consumers on the retail environment and products attributes in Singapore, and insights into their shopping behaviour.

Download the report and find out how you can win the hearts and carts of these mature consumers.

Watch the Turning Silver into Retail Gold video to know more and download the full infographic now.


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Turning Silver into Retail Gold

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