Africa’s Prospects – Edition 3

Africa’s Prospects – Edition 3

Ongoing turmoil and volatility in many of Africa’s markets are reflected in the ranking indicators of Nielsen’s third Africa Prospects report, with six of the top nine countries shifting in position over the past six months. The top three ranking countries, Cote d’Ivoire, Kenya and Tanzania, remain unchanged in overall position, but show some interesting changes in the dynamics determining their overall ranking.  

Ghana, Cameroon and Uganda’s comparative conditions – based on a combination of Macro Environment, Business, Consumer and Retail prospects – have improved moving them up the rankings, as Nigeria, Zambia and South Africa’s have declined as reflected by their weaker positions.  

The strength of the Africa Prospects Indicators is its unique ability to integrate business, consumer and retail prospects together with more speculative and commonly used macro-economic factors.  This brings companies closer to consumer market realities, which means that investment can be optimally directed to achieve maximum impacts, based on the overall and source of potential.  


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Africa’s Prospects – Edition 3

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