Budget-Conscious Consumers Boost Supercenter Sales

Budget-Conscious Consumers Boost Supercenter Sales

As consumers work hard to make their money go further, stores are feeling a hit.  But supercenters are actually benefiting.  Nielsen’s analysis of 2008 unit sales shows that nearly every department in supercenters showed growth, including dairy, dry grocery and prescription drugs.  In fact, the supercenter channel was the only retail channel to post overall unit sales growth, albeit a modest one percent.

“Mass merchandisers and grocery stores are feeling the impact of the supercenter,” said Todd Hale, senior vice president, Consumer & Shopper Insights for Nielsen.  “While the grocery channel has traditionally been viewed as recession-resistant, it is not recession-proof.”

That said, grocery stores saw some gains, helped by tens of thousands of convenient locations, prescription drug shifting from drug stores and gas promotion tie-ins from convenience and gas retailers.

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