Canadians Love Canadian Cuisine…Whatever That May Be

Canadians Love Canadian Cuisine…Whatever That May Be

Canadians love to dine outside of the home, and when they do, their favorite cuisine is “Canadian.”  Whether that means going to Tim Horton’s or enjoying a plate of poutine is unknown, but according to a recent Nielsen survey, 26 percent say that they favor their own national cuisine.  The second favorite cuisine was Italian followed by Chinese.

Just over one-third of Canadians eat out at least once a week, and 2 percent say they eat out every day.  While 57 percent of Canadians say dinner is the most popular out-of-home meal, 13 percent said that breakfast was the meal they ate out most, leading the world in that category (globally 4 percent picked breakfast).

Canadians also were more likely to eat out during the week (Monday through Thursday), similar to Americans, but different than the rest of the world.  12 percent of Canadians eat out alone, a higher percentage than any other country surveyed, save Taiwan.  How do Canadians choose where to dine out? The type of cuisine is the leading factor (34%) followed by a reasonable price (22%).

For restaurants in Canada, offering the local cuisine at a reasonable price appears to be a recipe for success.  With 61 percent of Canadians going to restaurants at least two or three times a month, dining out remains one of the most popular out-of-home activities.

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