Teens Also Checking Out Advertising At The Mall

Teens Also Checking Out Advertising At The Mall

The shopping mall has been a destination for American teens for decades.  It has become “Main Street” in many communities, and is a convenient place for teens to meet friends and hang out.  According to a new report from Scarborough Research, teen mall shoppers are still spending significant time and money at the mall: 68 percent spend two or more hours at the mall ont heir typical visit, and more than a quarter spend upwards of three hours.  More than half of teens (56%) spent $50 or more on their last visit, with 29 percent saying they spent more than $100.

Of key interest to advertisers is the finding that 95 percent of teens notice some type of advertising at the mall, with display ads, hanging banners and displays where samples can be tried the most effective.  View the full study, free of charge, here.

“The findings show that teens do in fact notice advertising in the mall, and our study shows that they generally rate it positively,” said Jane Traub, senior vice president of research for Scarborough.

Read the full press release regarding Scarborough’s study here.