U.S. Store Brands – How Deep is the Love

U.S. Store Brands – How Deep is the Love

Todd Hale, Senior Vice President, Consumer & Shopper Insights

Pretty deep. According to Nielsen, three-quarters of U.S. households believe store brands are a good alternative to name brands and nearly two-thirds of households say that store brand quality is just as good as name brands. In a recent Progressive Grocer Store Brands article, the depth of store brand buying reveals just how much consumer’s behaviors and attitudes have aligned.

With nearly 70% of store brand dollar sales coming from consumers who are “variety-seekers,” retailers can encourage deeper levels of store-brand buying by:

  • Rewarding key consumers with continuity-based promotions.
  • Implementing repeat stimuli efforts
  • Targeting specific shoppers through direct mail efforts

For more details and tactical examples, continue reading at Progressive Grocer Store Brands.