Finding Opportunity Online with the Mass Affluent

Finding Opportunity Online with the Mass Affluent

Online marketers with goods or services to sell are likely looking for consumers with spending power. With sizable bank accounts and liquidity, the mass affluent is a good place for them to start. Nielsen defines this group as those households with $250,000 to $1,000,000 in liquid assets, excluding real estate.

However, the mass affluent only represent 12 percent of U.S. households, so reaching this highly concentrated group can be difficult, especially through direct marketing channels. Despite these challenges, the mass affluent have a strong online presence, and digital precision marketing has become an effective way to reach this valuable audience. By understanding how this group uses the Web in their daily lives, digital precision marketing can engage these consumers accurately while also protecting their privacy.

Top Indexing Online Categories for the Mass Affluent

The mass affluent are spending much of their time online. In addition to turning to the Internet to keep tabs on their finances, the group is also more likely than the average consumer to visit websites that reflect their interest in sports, as well as home, travel and food websites. And, they’re not just visiting these sites; they’re making purchases online related to these interests. The mass affluent purchase sporting goods, as well as appliances and housewares, online at a higher rate than the average consumer.


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Finding Opportunity Online with the Mass Affluent

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