U.S. Consumer Energy Sentiments Report

U.S. Consumer Energy Sentiments Report

For consumers, the relationship they have with their utility providers is one of necessity. Since most modern conveniences require some form of energy, the consumer is complicit in their need to live “on-the-grid.” Yet differences exist in how we manage our energy consumption and what drives those behaviors. The Nielsen Energy Behavior Track collects consumer data annually from a nationally representative sample to gain insight into how we use energy resources.

Energy consumption has been a factor for consumers since the dawn of modern civilization, but in a world of rapidly advancing technology and environmental awareness, it’s never been as topical as it is today. So, are consumers tuned in, and how are they approaching their own energy usage and the impact that has on the world they live in?

Small, Simple Steps—For Now

Are consumers currently taking any steps to reduce their energy usage? Yes, but mostly simple ones. In many cases, that means turning off a light or keeping an eye on the thermostat. But in looking at recent trends, it looks like consumers have a desire to do more.


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U.S. Consumer Energy Sentiments Report

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