The Future of Grocery

The Future of Grocery

E-Commerce, Digital Technology and Changing Shopper Preferences Around the World

Imagine a grocery store where you can receive personal recommendations and offers the moment you step in the store, where checkout takes seconds and you can pay for groceries without ever taking out your wallet. Sound far-fetched? It’s closer than you think.

Technology has fundamentally transformed the way industries such as music, books and video operate. iTunes allows consumers to cobble together personal music libraries they can carry with them wherever they go, and Amazon gives shoppers access to an extensive selection of products, user reviews and personalized recommendations based on search and purchase history. Streaming services like Netflix and Hulu and devices like Apple TV allow users to access content whenever and wherever they want.

In the consumer packaged goods industry, change has been more evolutionary than revolutionary, but digital is redefining what it means to “go” shopping. Lines between the physical and digital worlds are blurring. Shoppers are growing accustomed to the benefits of digital in other retail settings and are beginning to expect them in grocery as well. Savvy retailers are winning by leveraging technology to enhance the shopping experience and meet consumers’ evolving desires.


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The Future of Grocery

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