Building Your E-Commerce Measurement Playbook

Building Your E-Commerce Measurement Playbook

10 Timely Tips for Effectively Measuring How Your Brand is Performing Online

To make smart decisions about your brand, you need data—the right data. How you collect this data and how you analyze it are key components of how well informed you and your colleagues will be as you guide your brands into the future.

It’s especially important that you arm yourself with key performance indicators (KPIs) that are built with the data needed to accurately and astutely monitor how your brand has been performing to date, and where it might be headed.

But how do you establish the right KPIs for your brand? What are the basic ground rules for making sure your metrics are relevant to your company’s situation and goals? Are there certain steps you can take—or certain realizations you need to come to—to give yourself the best shot at building an e-commerce measurement “playbook” that’s accessible, targeted and always useful for your team?

Through our collective (and vast) experience in this space, we’ve identified ten tips and insights for building a playbook that helps you create an e-commerce strategy—so you can catapult your brand in the right direction to capitalize on the growing e-commerce opportunity.


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Building Your E-Commerce Measurement Playbook

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